Cap Anemometer and Light Breeze Anemometer
Main technical indicators
1. Wind speed indicators
1)Wind speed Measure Range 0- 30m/s
2)Speed of starting up the wind speed sensor:0.8m/s
3)Wind speed Measure Error:± (0.3+0.03 x V)m/s(V: actual wind speed)
4)Wind speed parameters that can display: Currently and average Wind speed, Currently and average wind scale, corresponding waves
5)display Resolution: 0.1m/s(wind speed),1 class(wind scale),0.1m(waves)
2.Wind direction (in the light breeze table there):
1) 16 position are separated within 0 ° ~ 360 °.
2) N point to the North Pole.
3. Operational condition
1)Temperature: -10-45℃
2)humidity ≤100%RH(without coagulation)
3)Power supply
a. voltage:4.5V, Three 5# dry battery
b. average current consumption ≤5mA(when the voltage is 4.5V)