Voice and Light Switch -0701
Detailed Product Description

Voice and light Switch Features:
1) It will light automatically in case of any sound and shut off after a certain
2) Built-in light control circuit: idle at day; works at night or in case the place
is dim lit (adjustable)
3) Time delay: 10 - 30sec (adjustable)
4) Little effect on the load
5) Applications: corridors, garages, warehouses, and basements. Self control
lighting is particularly suitable for places where the light and exhaust fan
are usually left turned off, thus avoiding wasting energy and saving
electricity. The absence of sparkle and touch point makes it safer for usage
in the atmosphere of flammable gas

1) Working voltage: AC 150V - 250V 50Hz
2) Load power: 15W - 60W
3) Static function: 0.2W
4) Delayed time: 10 - 30sec (adjustable)
5) Lighting intensity: 1l x 6.56dB