LED traffic light
First, the configuration composition
1, LED mobile red and green light head.
2, maintenance-free battery 12V20A (to meet the entire set of lights continuous rainy days work 48 hours)
3, traffic lights controller 1 Taiwan
4, a light pole and a mobile base
5, solar panels 10W

Second, the system features
1, between each group of lights without cable connection, that is, do not need broken or overhead line, the installation is very simple, time-saving, labor and cost savings, easy maintenance.
2, by the battery-powered, no need for electricity, energy conservation, a good social benefits.
3, in continuous rainy days can also work continuously for 48 hours.
4, the controller has a very high reliability; simple interface, full-featured; red, green time 0-99s set and other functions.

Third, the lamp features
Low power consumption
1. As a result of the use of LED as a light source, compared with traditional light sources (such as incandescent, halogen) has low power consumption, energy saving advantages. Saving energy by 85%.
2. Long life
LED life of up to 100,000 hours, 25 times the incandescent lamp, so that the maintenance cost of the signal greatly reduced.
3. Signal color is stable
LED light source itself can send the signal needs of the monochromatic light, the lens without adding color, it will not produce lens color fading caused by defects. The company uses LED lights wavelength and light color according to national traffic standards.
4. Avoid false display
Traditional light sources (such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps) In order to get a better light distribution, need to configure the reflective cup, and LED traffic lights with direct light, not the above situation, so the brightness and range are significantly improved.

Fourth, the scope of application
&8226; Road intersection
&8226; School
&8226; A sharp turn
&8226; Construction section
&8226; High speed travel sections
&8226; parks and entertainment venues
&8226; The collection point of the main road
&8226; Busy crossroads