Central Controller-2000A
Detailed Product Description

1) Interfacial friendship

It employs all English figure interface.It is of vivid and objective control interface and easy operation without learning.It needs no professional computer knowledge and specialized training.

2) Highly integrated

The various equipments can be centrally controlled in control interface.Though objective console operation,the operationcan make easy the complex control over multi-media equipment and environmental facilities.

3) Powerful functions

It inciudes functions such as multi-media;AV equipment control; multi-media telecast;audio&visual frequency change-over,real time supervision&monitoring;live TV broadcast;resources extension;interposition&explanation;volume adjustment,mains concentrated control etc.

4) Internationally standard modular design

It is of simple design structure and standard interface.Consumers may allocate different modules as per their specific needs.Its heighe may be compatibly expanded in order to satisfy requirements for various grades.

5) Outstanding infrared remote-control study functions

The system integrates powerful study functions.Consumers may freely&easily add new facilities with flexibility.