thermostat digital temperature controller for incubator
1.after the power supply is switched on, the heating element is about to be converted into heat energy, and a large amount of far infrared radiation is irradiated to the constant temperature object by far infrared radiation element.
2.The device is composed of a box body, heating system, electric control system, air supply system, protection system and other components. The shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface electrostatic powder coating. Between the shell and the inner chamber, filled with thermal insulation material. The design of hot air circulation channel, so that the temperature distribution is more uniform, fast heating and provided with an air outlet pipe; with the air box, discharged to trace. If the gas ejected from the oven with odor or poison, the other pipe can be easily connected to the gas discharge to a designated location. The door is provided with a circular window.
3.single and double temperature control device LED three display microcomputer intelligent controller, using the thermocouple as a temperature sensing element; using PID regulation control heating system, high precision of temperature control, strong anti-interference ability, convenient operation, set the temperature control instrument, self heating power, heating and temperature control circuit and a display state. The instrument design in the lower part of the box body, in order to avoid the influence of heating element on the circuit.