dangerous cargo chemicals flammable storage cabinet
1, specifications: not less than 900mm x 450mm x 1800mm (long and wide high).
2, structure:
2.1 shell with 1mm thick cold rolled steel plate, the inside and outside surface of cabinet inside and outside surface spray treatment, internal fan for gas discharge, top is provided with a vent.
2.2 cabinet liner (up, left, right, and the shelf) used in all physicochemical veneer board or epoxy resin plate; the bottom of the cabinet is provided with an air inlet, the air inlet at the bottom of a stainless steel adjustable air valve; the middle floor cabinet with 10mm diameter liquid leakage holes, liquid leakage holes covered with 60 mesh stainless steel mesh; design sand baffle plate at the bottom of the cabinet body, the cabinet, the lower left landfill cavity can be stored not less than 120mm thick sand, used for buried metal sodium, phosphorus (Bai Lin) and other flammable materials; cabinet bottom is provided with four mobile steel wheel, the front 2 manual adjustment screw for mobile positioning flammable cabinets.
2.3 in the middle of the cabinet there are three layers of ladder type partition plate with epoxy resin plate, the middle of the fence embedded with red, blue, yellow warning signs, marking the thickness of PVC 0.5mm decorative strip, respectively, to distinguish the type of storage; ladder height 40mm.
2.4 Between the cabinet door and cabinet installation of fire intumescent seals, to ensure safe storage of medicines. The door can be opened 180 degrees.
2.5 cabinet with lock and key two safety lock.
2.6 cabinet with intelligent temperature alarm system control, timely display real-time temperature measurement when the temperature exceeds the set value, the highest in the cabinet when the automatic alarm;
2.7 the top of the cabinet is provided with an air outlet, the top of the cabinet outlet of a built-in AC220V, 50HZ fan, intelligent control cabinet is provided with a blower system, can set the working time of every fan, circulating fan control working state, effectively control the air flow in the cabinet.
2.8 special safety requirements: the key lock key, electronic lock password should be kept by two people, open two people should be present at the same time.
2.9 the overall requirements: anti-theft (double lock), fire.