Medical or electronic Super-Clean working table,lab clean bench ,biology furniture clean working table
Part One: An Overview 
With the rapid development of science and technology, air cleaning technology has been widely used in research and production sectors such as electronics, aerospace, precision instruments, instrument and meters, chemical and light industry, biopharmaceuticals, therapeutical foods, etc. Super-clean working table is a kind of air purification equipment which can provide a local high-cleanliness working environment.
BL-02089 Super-Clean Working Table, a kind of air purification equipment, can provide local dustless asepsis working conditions. And it has good results in improving working conditions, guaranteeing the products’ high precision, high purity and high reliability. Therefore, BL-02089 Super-Clean Working Table is widely applied in bio-clean technologies.
Part Two: The Technical Parameters 
1. Cleanliness: 100 degree (US Federal standard 209b)
2. Mean colony content : ≤ 0.50 /plate hour(the diameter of the plate: 90mm)  
3. Mean wind velocity: 0.4m/s ± 20%(adjustable)
4. Noise: ≤65dB(A)
5. Vibration : ≤3μm(X,Y,Z means the direction)
6. Illuminance : ≥300LX
7. Power supply : 220V 50Hz
8. Maximum power dissipation: 300W