PCR machine
Polymerase chain reaction (Polymerase Chain Reaction, referred to as PCR) is developed in the middle of 80s in vitro nucleic acid amplification technology. It has a specific, sensitive, rapid, simple, high yield, good repeatability, easy automation and other prominent advantages; gene in a test tube to study or a fragment in DNA the number of hours and even expanded to one hundred thousand millions of times, so that the eye can direct observation and judgment; from a hair, a drop of blood, and even a cell amplified enough DNA for analysis and identification of the past few days, a few weeks to do Things, with PCR a few hours to complete the.PCR technology is a revolutionary innovation in the field of biomedical and milestones

PCR technology is suitable for the human genome engineering, immunology, forensic medicine, oncology, organization and population biology, paleontology, animal science, research in the field of Botany and virus, tumor detection, polymerase chain reaction and clinical diagnosis of genetic disease of the field.

2.Product performance characteristics
&61548;Temperature, time LCD display;
&61548;At the same time, set the temperature and instant temperature; temperature, time control can be set (Section 6);
&61548;Temperature control time can be set;
&61548;The use of metal modules, the sample can be free from pollution;
&61548;Metal modules are easy to clean and disinfect;
&61548;Built in over temperature protection device, the use of more reliable;
&61548;Temperature control time after the end of the buzzer alarm